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The Talon Serios (book 1 & 2)  are Christian romance novels and include: This Side of Forever and the Spring of Eternity. Time Storm Shockwave is a science fiction romance novel.  
Join in the adventures of the Talon family; Nicole, Nick, and Kirsten as they each find love or danger.  Book 1: This Side of Forever Michael Devereaux, a biotechnology graduate student at Brigham Young University, suddenly finds himself "accidentally" engaged to his best friend Nick’s sister Kirsten, but are his feelings stonger for their sister Nicole? Book 2: The Spring of Eternity Kirsten Talon is kidnapped and then lost in a rainforest on the continent of Africa, somewhere. While being hunted by dangerous men and facing the possibility of disease or being eaten by a wild animal, among other nightmarish possibilities, can love save her? Time Storm Shockwave Based on real science and urban legend, this story will take twists and turns never dreamed of before, as the characters seek to unlock the secrets of the mysterious events of the Devil's Triangle, while being pursued by an unknown enemy, and facing disasters of apocryphal proportions.
 Author Autographed, Fan priced copies are available only through Juliann’s Facebook Fan Page
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