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On Sale February 14, 2020 ~ Single ~ What’s the Point of Boys?

Have you ever wondered why you have a guy in your life? If so I've felt the same from time to time, especially the night I wrote this song. "What's the Point of Boys?" is upbeat and fun yet true to many people's life experiences. Sometimes there are circumstances that can make you laugh or cry. This is one of those subjects, I chose to laugh about. People of all ages will love to sing and dance to this one--unless you're a guy and then you may like it anyway. Give it a try, but beware...it might just get stuck in your head! This song is 2:02 minutes long alternative Rock/Pop-Rock song. It’s a bit of a tongue-in- cheek questioning of gender related socialtal issuses.


Boys What’s the point of boys All they want to do is take And break your heart and make you crazy Thinking you’re their private toys So what’s The point of boys Boys what's the point of boys you clean up every mess they make they take your paycheck cuz they're lazy plus they make a lot of noise so what's the point of boys bridge: spoken man’s voice ~ I don’t know what you’re talking about boys What's the point of boys? you might as well be on your own you still have to pay the mortgage all alone they're unfaithful as playboys so what's the point of boys Boys what's the point of boys Don’t bring you any lasting joys And  they’re still playing with their tinker toys, so what's the point of boys boys, so what's the point of boys?